LanderLab has a built in feature that allows you to track conversions. A conversion is usually defined as a visit to a specific resource on your funnel. It can be a checkout page, a thank you page or any other page in the visitor journey that you want to track as a conversion.

There are 2 possible scenarios for the conversion tracking:

  1. The destination page is managed by LanderLab

    To enable conversion tracking on a landing page that is managed by LanderLab, all you need to do is click on the Editor icon next to that landing page and then go to Settings -> Tracking and turn on the Landerlab Conversion Script switch.

    From this moment on, all visits to this landing page will be considered as conversions. This means that all the other landing pages that are sending visits to this landing page will report 1 conversions for every visitor that ends up on this landing page.

  2. The destination page is not managed by LanderLab

    If your destination page (conversion page) is not managed by LanderLab, it is still possible to track conversions and get them reported on LanderLab.

    To do this you need to place a small conversion tracking code in the destination page, before the </head> tag.

    To get the tracking code go to Profile -> Settings and look for the Landerlab Conversion Tracking section:

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