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To start creating a new A/B Test click on AB Testing item from the left menu and then click the + Add New Test button.

This will launch a multi step process that will guide you through all the necessary phases of building and configuring your A/B Test.

💡 Before starting make sure you have at least created and published 1 landing page.

1️⃣. Chose Main Page

In the first step you will be asked to chose one of your published landing pages that will be used as the Main Page of the test. This means that the URL of the Main Page will be the URL of the "A/B Test" (the URL that visitors will see).

Click on the Use this page button to select your Main Page and click on Next > to continue to the next step.

2️⃣ Add Variations

In the second step add all the other landing page variations that will be part of the A/B Test. A variation can be either a copy of the main page (which you can then open in editor and make the necessary modifications) or it can also be a completely different new page that you want to test.

As you can see in the example below, we have added 2 variations to our A/B Test. Variation-1 is a copy of the main page, where we are going to change the colour of the button to yellow, while Variation-2 is a different landing page.

So in this A/B Test we are going to test 3 different pages (main page, variation-1, variation-2)

3️⃣ Distribute Traffic

In the third step we need to establish how the traffic (visits) will be distributed among all the landing pages in the test. By default the visits will be distributed evenly (which is the suggested option), but you can also decide to send more visits to a specific landing page.

For example you can decide to send 50% of the visits to the main page and then the remaining 50% distribute it evenly among the other 2 variations. This means that if you will get a total of 1000 visits to the A/B Test URL, 500 visitors will see the main page, 250 will see Variation-1 and 250 Variation-2

Move the sliders to set the desired traffic distribution and click Next >

4️⃣. Finalize

In the last step you will be presented with an overview of the A/B Test you just created. The URL where the traffic will be sent, the variations composing the test and the traffic distribution.

If everything looks ok click on Start Test to start tracking visits in your A/B Test URL, or click on Save & Start Later to save the A/B Test as a draft and start in a second moment.

Your A/B Test is now up and running.

You can see all created tests by clicking in the AB Test item in the left menu.

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