Why A/B Test?

Test different versions of your landing page and find the winner

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Wether it's a product page, company page or your personal portfolio, the goal is always to build the best possible performing landing page. Performance depends on the specific case and different metrics can be used to measure it (time spent on site, clicks, sales generated, leads generated, etc).

In order to build the optimal landing page, questions like

  • which headline is better?

  • which image should I use?

  • what button is likely to get more clicks?

  • should I use a completely different landing page?

  • etc

need to be answered.

With LanderLab this can be easily achieved by adding all the different landing page versions that you want to test into an "A/B Test".

What an "A/B Test" does is to distribute the visits evenly (or based on the distribution % that you have specified) among all the landing page variations that you are testing, and measure the performance for each one of them.

After a reasonable amount of traffic, you can decide to "End the A/B Test" and chose a "Winner" (the best performing variations based on your metrics. For example the variation that generated the highest number of sales, or that had the highest CTR, etc). Once a winner is chosen, all the visits will be redirected to the winner, the other variations will not be shown anymore.


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