The process of importing a new landing page from Adplexity is pretty straightforward.

Here is a step by step breakdown of the process:

  1. Login to your Adplexity account.

  2. Browse and find the ads from which you want to import a copy of the landing page from.

  3. When on Adplexity ad details page, go to the Landing Pages section, the click "Show more".

  4. On the "Landing Page Details" pop-up you will see a button "Import to Landerlab".

    Simply click on the "Import to Landerlab" button to start the import process.

During this process, you will be automatically redirected to your Landerlab account and pass through the wizard process of naming and setting your personal properties to the lander.

💡 Tip! Make sure you are browsing Adplexity from the same browser where you are already logged in to your Landerlab account. This will save you the extra step of needing to log in to your Landerlab account to move forward with the import process.

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