Once you have created a Form you might want to use it in your landing pages to start interacting with your visitors and collect leads.

The steps below will guide you through this process:

  1. Make sure you Form is published

    If the Form has not been published during creation, you need to do so before you can be able to use it in your landing pages. To publish a Form got to Lead Collection -> Form and click on the Publish menu item.

  2. Get the code snippet
    To get the code snippet of a Form click on the Code icon:

    On the next screen you will be presented with a code snippet that you need to copy and use it in the next step.

  3. Paste the code snippet on your landing page

    With the code snippet copied from the previous step, go to Landing Pages and open the landing page in the Editor.

    In the Editor, click on Blocks from the top menu, and from the left panel drag-n-drop a widget block into the position where you want the form to appear in your landing page.

    Paste the code snippet into the container that will show up and click Save

  4. Save the landing page and Preview it to make the form is showing as expected

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