Create a new Form from a template

The easiest way to start creating your first Form is to start from one of our pre designed templates and customise it based on your needs.

To get started got to Lead Collection -> Form from the left menu, and then click on the + Add Form button

On the next screen, give your new Form widget a name, add 1 or more integrations if you want your leads to be pushed automatically to your lead management CRM, and click on Take me to the Editor to start building the Form.

On the Editor you can use a Template or an empty Layout that you can then customise by adding your text, images or buttons.

To do that simply drag-n-drop an element from the left, into the canvas:

If you are going to use a Template, you will be presented with a list of form designs to chose from. Click on one of them to load it into the editor.

Once done customising your Form design, you can chose to Publish it to one of your domains and make it ready to be used, or Save For Later and publish it on a second moment.

💡 Publishing a Form on a domain does not mean that the domain will load the Form when you open it, you can still use your domain for your landing pages. It only uses the domain to make the Form accessible when you embed it into your landing pages.

Create a new Form from scratch

You can also build your form from scratch by using the basic components of the Editor (grid, input, text, image, button, etc).

Start by crating a layout using the Grid component, and then build on top of it using the basic components.

Checkout our other articles on this section on how to embed the popup on your landing page.

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