One of the very first things to do after creating a landing page, is to make sure to replace all existing outgoing links with the correct product or campaign link.

Using the Visual Editor you can do that in bulk in one single operation. This way you also make sure to not forget any old links un-replaced and risk to send traffic to them.

The link replacement can be accessed from the edit menu (Edit -> Replace Links) or from the Links shortcut in the menu bar:

Once launched you will be presented with 3 different options you can use to replace the links:

Replace all outgoing links

Using this option it will automatically replace any outgoing links found in the landing page with the link you provide.

Replace only specific outgoing links

This option allows you to search only for some specific urls and replace them with the url you provide

Replace only outgoing links having a specific text and/or url combination

And finally, the last option, which allows you to search for links having a certain text and/or url, and replace them with a new text and/or url.

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