Creating and showing popup alerts to visitors, as well as setting up automatic redirects is very easy and comes as a built in feature in

All you have to do is enable the desired option for your landing page under Settings -> Pops & Redirects.

Entry Pop

This option, when enabled, will show a message to the user as soon as he visits the landing page.

Exit Pop

This option will show a message to the user when an attempt to leave the page is detected. It can be setup to trigger On Mouse Out (when the mouse leaves the view of the page) or On Page Close (visitor attempts to close the page)

Back Button Redirector

This option, when enabled, allows you to specify a URL to which the visitor will be redirected when he clicks on the Back Button of the browser, manifesting the intention to leave the page.

Timed Redirector

This option allows to redirect a visitor to a specific URL after certain amount of time in seconds

Timed Entry Alert

This is the same as the Entry Pop, with the difference that it will show up after a certain amount of time (in seconds).

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