In this section we are going to explain how to enable LanderLab Tracking to track landing page performance in real time, as well as how to easily set up some popular tracking pixels like Facebook, Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager.

LanderLab Tracking

LanderLab has it's own built-in tracking solution which allows to measure you landing page's performance without the need of 3-ed party tracking systems.

Setting up LanderLab Tracking is a one-click operation.

All you need to do is click on Start Tracking button next to each landing page (in landing pages table view), as show in the screenshot below.

💡 Enabling LanderLab Tracking has no effect on your landing page's loading speed or functionalities.

Facebook, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

LanderLab also offers an easy way of setting up the tracking scripts for some of the most popular platforms like Facebook, Google Analytics and Google Tag manager.

This can be done from Settings -> Tracking Pixels section

All you need to do is copy-paste your unique Tracking ID from one of the platforms above, into the Settings -> .
For more info on where to find your Tracking ID for FB, GA or GTM click on the "Where to find this" link or check the official docs of the respective platform.

Custom Tracking Code

If you need to install a tracking script for another platform, then you can do this from the Settings -> Custom Code tab.

Paste the tracking script into the head or body section as recommended by the tracking platform.

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